We are proud to introduce our new QuickVu™ Digital Wireless Backup Camera.

The easiest-to-install backup camera just got easier! This truly wireless backup camera can be installed on your car or truck in just minutes without drilling holes, routing wires, or splicing into the vehicles electrical system. Since you don’t pay for installation, the cost to own this camera is excellent! Learn more and take advantage of our introductory sale by going to QuickVuCams.com.

Trail Ridge Technologies, LLC

We are a product research and development company that has as its goal the improvement of life through technology.  We bring to this small but growing company the experience of many years of  engineering and product development from our days with larger (and better known) electronics corporations.   Our approach is to study unmet needs and emerging technologies and bring the two together to produce products that fulfill those needs in a way that previously was too expensive or difficult to do.

Watch this site for some exciting and innovative products soon to be introduced!

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