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Welcome to the Trail Ridge Technologies website! We hope you enjoy browsing our emerging line of innovative consumer electronic products. Our goal is to bring you well built, durable products at an affordable price that do something for you that was previously too expensive, difficult or just not thought of.

Trail Ridge Technologies, LLC, a product research and development company located in Fort Collins, Colorado that has as its goal the improvement of life through technology. Trail Ridge Technologies, LLC was founded by two engineers who had spent most of their careers in product development at a major Fortune 100 high tech company. Observing that many interesting and innovative product ideas didn’t fit the big business model and thus never made it to market, they broke off on their own to pursue some of these ideas without the restrictions, constraints, overhead, and lethargy that is part of the big business model.

Our approach is to study, browse and brainstorm to fuel the creative fires that produce great ideas. We review, evaluate, tear apart and prototype to research those areas where we think there’s an opportunity to do what was previously too expensive or difficult to do, or which for some reason just wasn’t thought of. Our products result when we come up with an idea that we can’t find in any current product offerings and set off to build it. Or, we may identify an existing product that has some great potential but which needs some ‘tweaking’ and will team up with its developers to refine and modify the design into something that is a more ideal solution.

The desired result of all of this is to make a contribution that at the end of the day is positive and makes life better in some way. Whether it be finding a way to make cool technology affordable to the rest of us, getting the right features and capabilities together in the same product, or enabling something to be done that couldn’t practically be done yesterday, we’re interested and up for the challenge. Send us your feedback on our approach, website, ideas, research, or products at: feedback@trailridgetech.com.

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