Logitech USB Desktop Microphone

  • Advanced digital USB provides superior clarity with the simplicity of a single USB plug-n-play connection.
  • Noise canceling microphone filters out unwanted background noise.
  • Power switch illuminates when microphone is active.
  • Microphone pivots on base to hold preferred position.

Logitech USB Desktop Microphone—Your easy call for clear conversations

Thanks to the Internet, free voice calls are as close as your computer. And with the Logitech USB Desktop Microphone, your voice sounds so clear, it’s like you’re in the same room with faraway family, friends and business associates. Designed with sound-enhancing USB audio technology, this sleek microphone makes sure your voice is heard in crystal clear detail. Just plug the standing mic into your USB port and you’re ready to talk. No software to download. No settings to adjust. This is as simple as clear calling gets.

Key Features

Enhanced USB audio quality and simplicity
Experience pure, clear digital sound with the simplicity of a single USB connection. No drivers to download. Just plug the microphone into your computer and you’re set to chat.
More clarity, less noise
Calling from a noisy room? No worries. Your microphone filters out distracting background sounds so your voice always comes across crisp and clear.
  Power switch illuminates when microphone is on
You won’t have to ask, “Is the mic on?” The power switch lights up so you’ll always know when the microphone is live. The one-touch button on the base let you quickly mute or un-mute the microphone as well.
  Pivoting design adjusts to you
Tilt the microphone toward you or wherever it picks up your voice best. The weighted base keeps the mic stable, even if you position it at an extreme angle.
  Eight-foot cord for extra calling freedom
Ideal for group calls, the long USB cord lets you easily move the microphone to the middle of the conference table so everyone can be heard.

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