Estudia InkLink™ for Quick Notes

Esutudia InkLink™ for Quick Notes

The need to write doesn’t always pop up when you are sitting at your computer. You get an idea in the middle of the night or in the middle of a meeting. You have a few minutes waiting for Susie to get out of her piano lesson, and you want to write a letter to your mother or dash off a thank-you note to a dear friend.

Now with Estudia InkLink™, you can take your notes with pen and paper and still make them available electronically (both handwritten and typed). Just clip the tiny InkLink™ receiver to the top of your page and write with the InkLink™ pen, and every pen stroke is recorded effortlessly. The receiver can store up to 100 pages of notes, so you can attend meetings all day without missing a thing. When you return to your computer, just connect the InkLink receiver to your computer and all of your notes are uploaded quickly. Need to type those notes? Just use the included conversion software, and your notes are transcribed automatically.

With notes stored electronically, you can

  • Distribute minutes quickly and easily.
  • Easily extract action items for use in follow-up checklists.
  • Search for meeting notes by content, not just by date.
  • Extract entries from your notes for use in memos, letters, presentations, blog entries, and more.
  • Archive your notes for safe keeping without filing reams of papers or shelves of notebooks.

There are many uses for the Estudia InkLink™. Click here to learn more ways the InkLink™ can simplify your life and to get more detailed information about this innovative pen.

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