Estudia™ PortaScan Handheld Scanner

Estudia™ PortaScan

Estudia™ PortaScan
NEW – Instantly enters text, numbers and images into ANY application.
This portable, cordless handheld scanner preserves important documents, letters, or recipes, recording its contents onto a memory card for later …

This is a great product.  It is very compact – about an inch square by 11 inches long – and fits easily in a backpack or bag.  To scan a document or page you simply turn it on and swipe it across the page.  It has rollers that roll across the page to ensure that the scanning function is properly synced up with the page so you don’t have to have an extremely steady hand to get a good scan.  It saves multiple images to a micro SD card (not included) which you can then later upload by connecting the scanner through USB (cable provided) to your computer, or by removing the micro SD card and inserting it into a card reader associated with your computer.

Take it on your business trips or take it to the library (and remember to observe copyright rules!) to get a great scan of the materials you need to do your work or study.    If you are the kind that comes home with a large stack of brochures and advertising materials from the most recent trade show, next time scan each of those as you receive them and leave them at the show!  You can then easily archive and search your computer’s memory instead of sifting through a stack that occupies space on your desk or bookshelf.

Just a few of the many uses of the PortaScan scanner from Estudia:
Scan your friends’ recipes
Capture geneological records
Scan a copy of your hotel bill or car rental contract when you receive them
Scan your receipts
Scan a copy of drawings and notes from a lunchtable discussion
and much more…

Order Portable, cordless handheld scanner Estudia™ PortaScan @ $69.99

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