• Battery Operated for Full Portability Purposes
  • Can Store 300’s of Pages into Memory base on 1GB
  • Scans a Full Page Width Including Text & Graphics in as little as 4 seconds
  • Scansoft PaperPort SE-PC Software Included OCR Capability
  • Rechargeable lithium-Ion Batteries.
  • The Portable Handheld scanner uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that allows it to remain perpetually charged without utilizing a separate charging unit.
  • Expandable MicroSD memory slot.
  • Dual Roller Guiding System offers a dual-roller guiding system to enhance the user experience by creating a smoother scanning operation and a more accurate scan. The dual-roller guiding system includes strategically placed rollers around the scanner lens to distribute operator’s pressure evenly for smooth and easy scans.
  • Stylish zippered sheep skin Leather Case Included
  • Using optical registration technology, the Portable Handheld scanner can create a highly accurate scan using its optical timing and registration system.

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