Distance Measurement and Triangulation

This research project looks into technologies that measure distance between two objects or triangulating the location of an object relative to one or more other objects. We are interested in a fast measurement capability and in ability to accommodate movement between objects.


Distance Measurement and Triangulation Technologies:

  • Discussion of different approaches
  • Data Sheet for TI’s CC2431 which contains strength of signal distance measurement capability
  • Nanotron is a German company that produces a location awareness technology with 1m accuracy using a chirped RF signal.
  • Here is a paper presented about their technology at the Wireless Congress in Munich in 2009
  • Here is a white paper explaining nanotron technology
  • Here is a Wikipedia page about real time locating systems
  • Wherenet is a company that provides locatable RFID tags with resolution around 2m.
  • PinPointRTLS provides person and asset tracking capabilities
  • Invisitrack uses low frequency RF for triangulation – reports accuracy of 3m.

Related Technologies

Our Approach:

We aren’t giving away details but we are working on an RF distance measurement scheme that provides a high degree of resolution and accuracy.  Existing schemes that we have investigated appear to not provide the accuracy we are looking for and they are quite expensive.  Our goal is to reach accuracy that is on the order of plus or minus several inches and which has a cost in the mid teens in volume.  Check back with us.

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