Wireless Modules

This is an investigation into available wireless modules including Wifi, Bluetooth and Proprietary modules.  We are looking for something that is low in cost, low in current drain, high throughput (at least 4Mbs) and with which we can hack into the lower layers to communicate quickly on an adhoc basis.

LS Research:

Tiwi LS: Wifi module:  17dBm @ 4Mbs?;  187mA TX (OFDM);  CC3000: $25.07

Tiwi R2: Wifi/Bluetooth module: 14.5dBm @4Mbs?; 185mA TX (OFDM); CC3000: $21.31

RedPine Signals: (here is a page that compares Roving Networks to Redpine Signals)

RS9110-N-11-23: 18dBm @10Mbs; 200mA? $34.50

RS9110-N-11-02: 18dBm @20Mbs;

Roving Networks RN-131C 18dBm 1Mbs throughput; 35mA;


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