Estudia InkLink™ for Journals

Estudia InkLink™ Note Taking Pen

Now you can keep an electronic version of your journal effortlessly as you continue to write with pen and paper.  You can even convert your handwritten journal to electronic text with the click of a mouse button.  With an electronic copy of your journal you can

  • Search for journal entries by content, not just by date.
  • Extract journal entries for use in letters, talks, lesson plans, and blog entries.
  • Archive your journal for safe keeping, even while continuing to write in it.
  • Print copies of your journal, even in your own handwriting, for your family members.
  • Extract entries for use in compiling your personal and family histories.

There are many uses for the Estudia InkLink™. Click here to learn more ways the InkLink™ can simplify your life and to get more detailed information about this innovative pen.

Order Inklink™ Digital Notetaker Inklink™ Digital Notetaker @ $69.99

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