Estudia InkLink™ for Letter Writing

Estudia InkLink™ for Letter Writing

Email sure makes letter writing convenient, but only if you have time to sit at your computer! How many letters do you fail to send, just because you weren’t at your computer when you had ten minutes to write? Now you can write that letter while you wait for an appointment, ride the bus (or train or plane), sit on the beach, or camp in the mountains. When you return to your computer, simply upload your letter to the computer and send it by email in your own handwriting. If you prefer typed text, you can first convert it and then email it.

Ever sent a letter to your missionary, and then wish you had recorded what you wrote in your journal? Or how about that letter you wrote to your granddaughter telling her how things were when you were her age? Now you can record every letter you write without writing it twice, without a copier or scanner, and without carbon paper! Your letters are recorded in your own hand, including drawings, doodles, and underlining. If you want a textual transcript of your letter, the process is simple, if your handwriting is fairly legible.

With Estudia InkLink™ you can

  • Write letters anywhere.
  • Email your letters in your own handwriting or typed.
  • Archive your letters for posterity.
  • Keep copies of your letter for inclusion your journal.
  • Write one copy of that family letter and email it to everyone at once.

There are many uses for the Estudia InkLink™. Click here to learn more ways the InkLink™ can simplify your life and to get more detailed information about this innovative pen.

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