Esutudia InkLink™ for Students

Estudia InkLink™ for Quick Notes

Your backpack is already pretty heavy. Leave the laptop home and bring the Estudia InkLink™ instead. Take down notes and drawings in your own handwriting instead of trying to keep up with a noisy keyboard. Copy all of those drawings, graphs and equations from the chalkboard as you go. Then when you get home connect the InkLink™ sensor to your laptop and upload your notes for filing and review. Instantly send a copy to your friend who didn’t make the day’s lecture. Convert your handwriting to text and make your notes electronically searchable so that you can easily find your notes mentioning a given topic.

The Estudia InkLink™ can also act as a stylus when operating in connected mode (with the sensor plugged into your computer while you write). You can draw, sketch, graph and plot directly to drawing applications with greater accuracy and precision than can be done with a mouse. If you’re running with Windows™ Vista™ your standard computer becomes a tablet PC.

With notes stored electronically, you can

  • automatically record a digital copy of your classroom notes.
  • Search for class notes by subject, not just by date.
  • Immediately share your notes in handwriting or after conversion to text.
  • Work on papers in ink wherever you are and easily incorporate into the working draft later.
  • Archive your notes for safe keeping without filing reams of papers or shelves of notebooks.

There are many uses for the Estudia InkLink™. Click here to learn more ways the InkLink™ can simplify your life and to get more detailed information about this innovative pen.

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