Know the Truth, Before You Buy

You expect a wireless backup camera to be easy to install. Did you know that most wireless backup cameras require you to run a wire from the camera to the inside of your car and connect it to the car’s electrical system? Did you know that you may have to drill holes in your car to pass the wire to the inside or to mount the camera? Some kits even come with drill bits that allow you to drill a 1″ diameter hole in your car’s bumper (or elsewhere) to install the camera. Don’t slip!

Read more detail on the kinds of installation issues you may find with most wireless backup camera kits.

Finally, a Truly Wireless Backup Camera!

Unlike other cameras, the Open Road™ QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera has no wires on the camera. None. You attach it to the top or bottom of your license plate with two screws or bolts. That’s it. Then you attach a monitor and control box to your dash with hook-and-loop tape, connect the monitor to the control box with two short cables, and plug the control box into the car’s auxiliary power outlet or cigarette lighter receptacle. Most people can complete the entire process in 5-10 minutes without any risk to their vehicle and with no power tools.

Open Road™ QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera

Watch the Entire Installation Process

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