Personalized Email to Missionaries with Estudia InkLink™

Estudia InkLink™ for Letter Writing

Now you can send your missionary warm, personal letters by email complete with your own personal touches and in your own handwriting. That hand-written letter will mean so much more than plain, typed notes. When you want to include a heart or smiley face, why settle for strange constructions like <3 and ;)? Instead, include your personal doodles and artwork, large, bold words, stylish exclamation marks and everything else that makes your letters personal.

A letter from home is a more than communication. It is a connection. Make receiving your letters a special event by revealing your personality and emotion through your hand-written letters. Then, send them conveniently and inexpensively via email. Save a copy for your book of remembrance or for a special scrapbook for your missionary when he returns.

With Estudia InkLink™ you can

  • Write letters anywhere.
  • Email your letters in your own handwriting or typed.
  • Archive your letters for posterity.
  • Keep copies of your letter for inclusion in your journal.
  • Save your letters to give to your missionary when he or she returns.

There are many uses for the Estudia InkLink™. Click here to learn more ways the InkLink™ can simplify your life and to get more detailed information about this innovative pen.

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