Estudia InkLink™ Digital Notetaker

Estudia Inklink

Keep a digital copy of your journal as you write in ink!
Easily share meeting notes!
Send email in your own handwriting!
Organize and share class notes!

The  Estudia InkLink™ is a special pen and sensor system that captures and digitally stores all of your pen strokes as you write and draw on a normal sheet of paper.  You write normally with the ink pen, while special position sensing technology captures and stores your written strokes.  In mobile (stand-alone) mode, you attach the sensor to the edge of your paper, and each page of notes you take is digitally stored, automatically, in the sensor module.  You can then transfer your saved notes to your computer when it is convenient.

  • Small, compact, just a pen plus a receiver unit, ideal for portable use.
  • Includes Notes Manager application to store, edit, e-mail and organize your handwriting notes, drawings and sketches.
  • Simple and intuitive to use: put pen to paper.
  • Write on regular paper and store over 70 8.5”x 11” pages.
  • Full mouse functionality when working in Online mode.
  • Rechargeable battery and LCD status indication (only available in receiver unit).
  • Handwriting recognition.
  • Standard off-the-shelf ink refill and batteries for pen.
  • Very affordable
Order Inklink Digital Notetaker Inklink™ Digital Notetaker @ $69.99