• Capture your notes and drawings digital as you write – digital notes and freehand drawings can be taken by just writing on plain paper and simultaneously creating a digital ink copy of whatever you write.
  • Like pen to paper:  The cordless, regular-size pen writes on regular paper, and doesn’t require any digitizing surface.  No writing glass surfaces or plastic styluses.  The pen is truly an ink pen that writes on regular paper, and the digitization process simply tracks the motion of the pen.
  • Off-the-shelf refills:  The InkLink™ uses standard pen refills (make sure the ink refill is similar to the original: standard refill: 67.2mm long x 2.33mm diameter).  It also uses standard standard SR41 batteries.
  • Mac and Windows compatible.
  • Compact:  Carry the pen and sensor module in your pocket, bag or backpack and leave your laptop at home.  The sensor module attaches to the top or corner of your notebook, pad or single sheet.  The pen is of standard size.
  • Lots of memory:  the sensor module saves over 70 pages in memory, giving you plenty of capacity for a full day of classes or meetings.
  • Turn your laptop into a tablet PC: Combined with Windows Vista, your ordinary PC is transformed into a tablet PC.  With the InkLink™ plugged into the computer, new inking features, designed especially for digital pens become available.  Use the pen to enter drawings or journal entries directly or use it as a precision mouse or pointing device.