Estudia InkLink User’s Manual

Please refer to the user’s manual and posted pages relating to the InkLink for help in resolving any issues.  Most problems can be avoided by paying attention to the following:

  1. Load the two coin cell batteries in the pen with positive polarity facing upward.
  2. Charge the sensor before first use by plugging it into the provided USB cable and plugging the cable into your computer’s USB receptacle.
  3. Make sure the sensor is on before attempting to take notes.  Turn the sensor on by pressing the button for five seconds and verifying that the display shows a number.
  4. Attach the sensor to your paper and be careful to not bump the sensor or otherwise shift it from its original location.
  5. Be sure to press the button before starting to take notes on a new page.  This changes the page in the sensor memory.
  6. When attaching the sensor to the computer, be aware that there are two modes of operation: 1) in ‘Mouse Mode’ the pen can be used as a mouse, and 2) in ‘Note Mode’ the pen can be used to make notes within software applications such as MS Journal and Paint.
  7. The ink pen is a regular ink cartridge.  If it does not write, use the same techniques that you would use on any ball point pen to get it to write such as pointing the tip of the pen downward, shaking the ink toward the end of the pen, writing on a normal paper surface (shiny surfaces do not work well with ball point pens).

Our customers are generally quite happy with the InkLink.  Feel free to contact us at if you are unable to resolve your questions.

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