High clarity screen with high touch sensitivity

You’ll like the responsiveness of the screen’s controls to the touch and slide of a finger. No need to calibrate this high quality touchscreen to get optimal performance.

Your personal media player in a very portable package

The PLaya™’s slim design built around its highly viewable 3” diagonal screen fits readily into your pocket or bag without the bulk and size of some other players. The player is only .37 inches thick, or a little more than the thickness of a pencil, and weighs about 70 grams.

Music at its portable best

Browse your artists, albums, genres or all your music to find what suits your present mood1, then play your songs in order or mix it up with shuffle mode. Change the listening experience with preset equalizer settings (Rock, Pop, Classic, Bass, Jazz) or be the sound engineer and tweak the sliders for your own equalization choice. You can also experiment with spatial signal processing settings that expand the sound for greater stereo separation.

Personal video and photos in stunning clarity

A high pixel density screen reproduces your stored digital movies in high resolution video for those long trips or waits. Store up a few of your favorite sitcoms or news programs and catch up when you get the chance. Or, store a few of your favorite feature films to pass the time2. The screen’s clarity is stunning and you will be amazed at how good portable video and images can look.

Built-in FM transmitter sends your music to bigger speakers

A built-in FM transmitter that ‘broadcasts’ your music to any nearby FM radio system? How cool is that? Touch ‘FM Transmit’, select a broadcast frequency, and send your music to your car stereo system, your home audio receiver, or even your friends’ PLaya™s.

Connect through TV-Out to the big screen

Bring a few of your favorite videos along in your pocket and if the party slows down, connect your PLaya™ through the provided A/V cable to a television and show your favorite on the big screen. Or put up a slide show of your vacation pics to some lively music and take advantage of your captive audience!

Drag, drop and organize your media through a familiar interface

PLaya™ connects directly to your computer system via USB and allows you to drag, drop and organize your files as if it were another memory card or disk device. Enjoy the ease with which you can add, delete and arrange your files on the device without the headaches of proprietary controlling software that limits your access.

Tune in to the top hits

The built-in FM tuner allows you to listen to or record your favorite FM radio stations with programmable presets to let you jump between multiple stations at the touch of a finger to see what’s playing. Your favorite song just came on? Touch ‘Record’ to capture it for later listening.

On-the-go reading

Copy e-Books or other text material in .txt format to your PLaya™ and take it with you to catch up on your reading in spare moments. Just slide a finger across the screen to turn the page forward or back and set bookmarks for key pages you want to refer to again.

Record your voice or your surroundings

The PLaya™’s built in voice recorder lets you record your personal performances and commentaries or capture the most interesting sounds of everyday life. Better at listening than writing? Record your professor’s lectures for later review.

Utility functions and adjustments

The PLaya™ has a calculator and calendar function for added convenience. You’ll be able to tailor the ‘skin’ and color schemes of the PLaya™ to your personal preferences by adjusting system settings. Go with the defaults or adjust any of multiple settings to suit your style.

1ID3 tags, which enable the player to distinguish artist, album and genre, are supported for MP3 files only.

2Feature films are available for purchase through several online video for download service sites. Be sure to check for player format capability.

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