FREE: earphones, A/V (TV) cables, wall charger!

  • High quality 3” finger-activated touchscreen
  • Play multiple audio, video and photo formats
  • FM radio allows you to pick up tunes from local stations
  • FM transmitter allows you to play your music in your car or on any radio, or transmit to another PLaya™.
  • Show your videos and photos on the big screen with TV-OUT connector
  • Large 3” diagonal screen in a slim but sturdy design
The PLaya™ – Music, Video, Photo, Radio, e-Book

The PLaya™ is a great little pocket media player with a top-notch 3” diagonal touch screen that lets you easily browse, play and view your music, video and photos. The crisp video screen is surprisingly fun to watch. The built-in FM tuner allows you to listen to or record your favorite FM radio stations with programmable presets to let you jump between multiple stations at the touch of a finger to see what’s playing. Like to read something instead sometimes? Load up with some .txt files from your favorite websites before you leave home and then pull them up with the e-Book reader in spare moments.

High clarity screen with high touch sensitivity

You’ll like the responsiveness of the screen’s controls to the touch and slide of a finger. No need to calibrate this high quality touchscreen to get optimal performance. The screen’s clarity is stunning and you will be amazed at how good portable video and images can look.

Your personal media player in a very portable package

The PLaya™’s slim design built around its highly viewable 3” diagonal screen fits readily into your pocket or bag without the bulk and size of some other players. The player is only .37 inches thick, or a little more than the thickness of a pencil.

Share your photos, videos and music

Since sharing is half the fun of enjoying your music and videos, PLaya™ comes with a built in FM transmitter that allows you to play your songs through your car audio system. Want to share the tune you are enjoying with your friends? Turn on the FM transmitter, and your friends can listen on their PLaya™ devices. Want to show your photos or videos to a bigger group of friends? PLaya™ has an Audio/Video output connection that allows you to connect the player to a television set or home theater system.

Drag, drop and organize your media through a familiar interface

PLaya™ connects directly to your computer system via USB and allows you to drag, drop and organize your files as if it were another memory card or disk device. Enjoy the ease with which you can add, delete and arrange your files on the device without the headaches of proprietary controlling software that limits your access.

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