Compare the overall product and installation cost for different types of backup cameras.  Clearly, the Open Road™ QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera offers the lowest overall cost and convenience:


Camera System Product Cost Installation Total Installed Cost
New car upgrade package $500-$2000 Dealer Installed $500-$2000
Electronics retail camera & monitor w/installation (Best Buy, Car Toys etc.) $180-$380 $120-$300 Store installation $300-$680
Auto parts camera kit – paid installer (Advanced Auto, Autozone etc.) $100-$150 $150-$300 Independent skilled installer $250-$450
Open RoadTM QuickVuTM    Truly Wireless Backup Camera $229.99 5-10 minute customer installation $229.99

Additionally there is the hassle of finding an installer and arranging to have the work done. Also, because the installation process requires cutting into the insulation and splicing into the car’s reverse light wiring, there is potentially an impact on the car’s warranty in that area.

Compare the easy installation of a Truly Wireless Backup Camera System:

Open RoadTM QuickVuTM system installation

to the difficulty of installation of traditional wired or wireless backup cameras:

‘wireless camera system installation

‘wired’ camera system installation

*Comparisons assume a 3.5″ monitor, which is generally found to be the minimum usable size.

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