You are starting to see backup cameras on cars everywhere. As a factory installed option, a backup camera can be very expensive, as much as $2000 or more on luxury vehicles!

A number of wired aftermarket backup cameras kits can be installed by a professional experienced in

  • drilling into the car body,
  • splicing into the car’s electrical system,
  • and routing wires from the camera mounting point into the car and up to a monitor mounted on or near the dashboard.

The combined costs for product and installation put these systems out of reach for most customers.  And many of us aren’t crazy about drilling holes in the car body or splicing into warranteed wiring!

So-called ‘wireless‘ backup cameras can be installed without running wires from the camera (at the rear of the vehicle) to the dash, but these cameras actually have a power wire that still must be routed into the car’s interior and spliced into the car’s electrical system.

The Open Road™ QuickVu™ camera is truly wireless!

  • No wires to route!
  • No holes to drill!

Installation is a snap. You can probably install it yourself in less than 10 minutes. Watch this video and see how easy it is!

Important Notes:

Backup cameras should be used in addition to other good driving practices such as

  • walking behind the car before getting in,
  • making use of all rear view mirrors,
  • looking in the direction of movement, and
  • proceeding slowly and with caution.

Even a camera will not show objects

  • beneath the car,
  • behind the tires, or
  • far to the sides immediately behind the car.

Some States require that the license plate be well illuminated.  The OpenRoad™ QuickVu™ backup camera may block some of the light coming from a light centered above the plate.  See alternative mounting suggestions. Vehicles where the lighting is from the sides will not be obscured and will work fine.

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