How It Works

The camera is powered by two long lasting ‘AA’ batteries which makes it truly wireless and avoids the necessity of connecting into the car’s electrical system. Our unique low power design enables a camera battery life of several months or up to 1 year under optimal conditions and usage. Batteries can then be changed for continued use. The camera remains normally off to preserve power.  Operation is simple:

  1. Push ‘A’ button on monitor control box to view image from the camera.
  2. The camera turns off automatically after 30 seconds.

To optimize the camera’s performance, you can select any one of three transmission channels.  This can help reduce or avoid interference from other sources transmitting at 2.4GHz.

If 30 seconds is too short, you can program a longer ‘on’ duration of 45 or 60 seconds.  Or, if you prefer to extend battery life and don’t need as much ‘on’ time, you can program a 15 second ‘on’ duration.

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