Must Have

Protect your children and pets

On average, each year, 2 children are killed and over 50 children are reported injured in car backing accidents. Children are everywhere, and they can be hard to see. The heartache of being responsible for death or injury of a child can last a lifetime. Don’t take that chance.

Be safe in parking lots

Accidents are common in parking lots. The aisles are narrower, and people are in a hurry. Before you back out of your parking space, be sure you can see everything behind you, including shoppers, children, shopping carts, and cars backing out of other spaces.

Don’t run over bicycles and toys

All sorts of things end up in the driveway: bicycles, toys, deliveries, and more. In addition to destroying these things, an accident may result in serious damage to your car.

Help new drivers

Learning to drive takes concentration, and there are so many things to do and remember all at once. Is it any wonder that young drivers tend to back into objects and other vehicles so often? Give them a little help with a QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera.

Don’t strain your neck

Arthritis in the neck and shoulders and other back strain may limit your ability to twist and turn to watch behind the car as you back up. With a rear view camera, you can now see what you previously could not see.

Keep your insurance premiums low

Nobody want to call the insurance agent and report a fender bender. Insurance rates are already too high, and we don’t want to risk another increase. Be careful to avoid those pesky accidents that are so common when backing up your car.

Hitch a trailer with ease

The QuickVu™ Wireless Backup Camera is also a great trailer hitch camera. And unlike other backup camera systems, the QuickVu™ camera can operate in both forward and reverse gears! Aligning your hitch with your trailer will be breeze!

Check on the trailer while driving down the highway

Since the QuickVu™ camera can operate when you are driving in any gear, you can take a quick look at the trailer to see if the tarp is still on or if the dresser is still standing upright.

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