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Trail Ridge Technologies, LLC is a Product research and development company that has as its goal the improvement of life through technology.  We bring to this small but growing company the experience of many years of  engineering and product development from our days with a major fortune 100 electronics company.  Our approach is to generate and evaluate Ideas by studying existing products and technologies and brainstorming both from the inside and outside our company about what needs are unmet or what current technology newly enables us to do.   Our Research into those ideas helps determine whether there are existing solutions that just need some tweaks and exposure or if more of an end-to-end development effort is needed to bring a product to the marketplace.  The result of these efforts are an emerging line of Products that we hope will make a positive contribution and that makes life better in some way.   We currently are finding that much of our effort addresses the needs and interests of the College Student and have an effort underway in our Campus Electronics Division to focus those efforts.   



               The InkLinkTM                                                                 The PLayaTM

Watch also for our anticipated e-Pad for Students!

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