Vacuum Clothes Drier

Once while cleaning out the lint catcher in the drier, I thought about all of that cloth and how my shirts become thin over the months until they fall apart.  That led to thoughts about the amount of hot air that exits the drier.  There is a ton of wasted energy and wasted life by tumbling your clothes and running hot air over them.  Is there a more efficient approach?

The idea behind heating clothes to dry them is to cause evaporation of the water so that it can be carried out of the clothes and through the vent to the outside.  Another way to cause evaporation is to reduce the air pressure, or to generate a vacuum in the chamber holding the clothes.  Maybe the drier becomes a chamber with a rack for hangers to hang on and/or shelves or hooks to hold what you’re trying to dry.  Line up your shirts in the drier on hangers, shut the door and press go.  Most of the air is sucked out of the chamber and moisture condenses on the sides of the chamber where the temperature is kept cooler than that of the chamber.  Moisture then is captured in a chamber below where it can be drained once the vacuum is released.   This approach takes some doing to generate the vacuum but the clothes take less of a beating and less energy is spent heating the outdoors.